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Financial Literacy

This guide provides resources for personal finance literacy.


“Anytime you use someone else’s money to purchase something, you are borrowing, and it must be repaid.”  Accepting a loan means "I'm willing to pay more than what something is worth at face value."  The most common types of loans students and graduates will borrow are student loans, car loans, and home loans."

Brad Burnett, “9 Things”

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  • Financial Aid

  • Student Loans

  • Car Loans

  • Home Loans

You can use these topics as your keywords when you search the databases listed in the Helpful Research Databases Box or in Google.

Helpful Research Databases

Use these databases to search your research topics more thoroughly.

Helpful Videos 

Money Management

Financial Football

Student Aid

Types of Federal Student Aid
FAFSA Overview
Responsible Borrowing
Repayment: What to Expect
Debt-Relief Scams
Avoiding Student Loan Debt
Escaping College Debt

Car Loans

How to Drive Free Cars for LIFE!

Home Loans

Renting VS. Buying a Home

Helpful Online Apps

Helpful Resources

Student Loan Calculators

Additional Calculators

Other Resources

Helpful Books