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This guide will help you find secondary sources in history. Click the tabs to the left for details.

Secondary sources are the books, journal articles, and other materials that historians write by using primary source materials, such as contemporary newspaper or magazine accounts, memoirs, government documents, etc. For assistance with locating primary sources see this guide.

For more information on general library resources, see our tutorials.

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Citing Sources

Citation Manual

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Lean Library

Lean Library

Lean Library is a browser extension that lets you take the library's online resources with you. If you are searching the general web for resources rather than the library's site, Lean Library will let you know if a resource you are looking at is available through OU libraries, or will directly link you to the ILL page (check out the Don't Buy It, Borrow It page in this guide to learn more about ILLs!). This helps you to avoid paywalls as you browse the web.