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Healthcare Law

This guide is intended to provide assistance to students in the OU Law Graduate Studies Programs. JD students and practitioners utilizing the Donald E. Pray Law Library, Robert M. Bird Health Science Library or OU Libraries may also find the guide useful.

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Health Care Law Research Guides from Other Institutions

Additional Resources

While some works from the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library are included in this guide, researchers may want to visit the Bird Health Sciences Library for information about additional resources.


When researching in a new area of the law, it is often most productive to reference secondary sources that identify and explain the primary sources of law such as legislation, regulations, and case law. This section of the guide begins with an overview of such secondary sources and then moves to provide select primary sources.


Westlaw Edge - Health Law Practice Area - A comprehensive practice center for health law on Westlaw. Includes cases, statutes, secondary sources, proposed and enacted legislation and regulation, and a "Tools" section with news and policy tracking.

Westlaw Edge - Practical Law U.S. - Health Care - Allows the researcher to search across all areas of Heath Care for practical guidance from expert practitioners or to navigate to specific subtopics within Health Care guidance.

Screenshot image of practical Law Healthcare

Wolters Kluwer Cheetah - Healthcare Practice Area - Provides Access to News, Treatises, Statutory, and Regulatory sources and practical guidance.

Screenshot image of WK Cheetah Health Care

Lexis+ Practice Center - Healthcare - From the main page, go to "Practice Areas" and scroll down to select the "View our Practice Centers" link. when the practice centers page displays, scroll down to the Practice Area or Industry Area and select " Healthcare." Covering a variety of jurisdictions, practice areas, and industries, the Practice Centers organize editorially enhanced and curated content and tools in a logical, easy-to-use interface. Further enhance your research by accessing related and supporting products directly from the Practice Centers, such as Practical Guidance and Law360.

Lexis+ Topic -Healthcare Law - From the main page, go to "Topics," and select "Healthcare Law." From this page, you can select a variety of subtopics to research. 

Lexis+ Practice Area - Healthcare Law - This comprehensive practice area for health law on Lexis+ serves as a collection point for a variety of legal resources addressing health law, Including cases, statutes, administrative regulations & materials, secondary sources, forms, pleadings and verdict information. 

Lexis+ Practical Guidance - From the left navigation column, select "Practical Guidance." From the Practice Area dropdown select the areas you would like to research, including antitrust, business entities, M&A, data security and privacy, and insurance. Use a search term such as healthcare to produce results.

Screenshot image of Lexis Practical Guidance

Bloomberg Law - Health Practice Center - The Health Practice Center Home serves as the landing page for all of Bloomberg BNA's Health content. Content is divided into subtopics such as In Focus, Practical Guidance, Fast Answers, Legal Analysis, News & Analysis, Health Care Reform Tracking, Federal Health Legislation, and more. Bloomberg Law assist users through features including alerts and subscription newsletters. 

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Other Text

Print & Database Resource - Health Law Reporter

BNA's Health Law Reporter 

BNA Health Reporter Image from Bloomberg Law