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Healthcare Law

This guide is intended to provide assistance to students in the OU Law Graduate Studies Programs. JD students and practitioners utilizing the Donald E. Pray Law Library, Robert M. Bird Health Science Library or OU Libraries may also find the guide useful.


Resources focus on antitrust issues that are relevant to healthcare providers, including such areas as hospital and physician mergers, virtual mergers and joint ventures. The course also covers exclusive contracts and other medical staff exclusion issues, covenants not to compete, physician collective bargaining with managed care plans, antitrust defenses, and federal and state healthcare antitrust regulatory efforts, including healthcare collaborative guidelines.

Antitrust Health Care Handbook

Database Resources

Bloomberg Law - Health Law & Business Portfolios include:

Portfolio 1400-2nd: David A. Ettinger et al., Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions: The Antitrust Perspective (Health L. & Bus. Series No. 1400-2nd) - This portfolio examines in detail the many practical and theoretical issues that must be considered carefully in the antitrust evaluation of health care mergers. The antitrust issues discussed may effectively block a transaction, add significant time and expense to a contemplated merger, or threaten consummated mergers. The portfolio addresses hospital mergers as well as combinations of other types of health care entities, analyzing both substantive legal issues and matters of procedure. Particular attention is paid to federal and state enforcement positions and how they have fared in court.

Portfolio 2500: Aimee E. DeFilippo & Molly M. Wilkens, Health Care Networks and Managed Care: Antitrust Aspects of Integration and Exclusion (BNA's Health L. & Bus. Series No. 2500) - This portfolio sets forth the substantive antitrust laws and principles that healthcare providers must consider in their efforts to integrate, contain costs, and become more efficient. The portfolio emphasizes the application of antitrust laws and principles to specific practices that are central to healthcare network formation and operation in the managed care environment.

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Health Care & Antitrust

Antitrust Issues in Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions

Health Care Economics