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Statutes Available via the Oklahoma Secretary of State

Per House Bill 1799, 57th Legislature, 2nd Session, effective 11/01/2020 (Okla. Stat. Title 75, §13) the Oklahoma Secretary of State is directed to provide Oklahoma’s official laws in electronic format; therefore, beginning in 2021, state agencies no longer have the authority to purchase hard copy (print) Statute books for distribution to previously qualified State organizations. The Oklahoma Secretary of State, to fulfill this requirement, has contracted with Thomson Reuters to provide access to the Oklahoma Statutes.   Oklahoma’s Official Statutes are now freely available in a digital format via link from or directly at

Oklahoma Constitution and Statutes Online

The State of Oklahoma has additional ways to access the statutes online for free.  You can go to the Oklahoma State Courts Network webpage and access the Oklahoma Constitution and Oklahoma Statutes which are part of the Electronic Law Library.  You can also go to the Oklahoma State Legislature webpage where you can either search or browse the Oklahoma Statutes and the Oklahoma Constitution

Library patrons may access the Oklahoma statutes via Westlaw or Lexis for free in the Donald E. Pray Law Library. There are designated Westlaw or Lexis computers located near the Reference Desk.  Library patrons must request a guest login from the Circulation Desk in order to log onto the Lexis or Westlaw computers. 

Law Students are able to access Oklahoma Statutes online via Westlaw, Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law.

Oklahoma Statutes on Westlaw*.Opens in new window

Oklahoma Statutes on Lexis Advance*Opens in new window.

Oklahoma Statutes on Bloomberg Law*Opens in new window.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the database is limited to law faculty, staff and students.