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The official state code, Oklahoma Statutes, is published under the direction of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices.  These volumes contain the text of all the state statutes in force, with historical notes following each statute section.  West / Thomson Reuters publishes the official editions of the Oklahoma statutes in hardbound volumes that are updated each year supplement volumes.  Tables and Index volumes are included in the official edition.  The spine of each volume indicates the title or titles contained in that volume.

For legal research purposes, the commercial version of the statutes, the Oklahoma Statutes Annotated, offers useful features not found in the official Oklahoma Statutes.  The annotated statutes not only contain the same text of the statutes in force, with historical notes following each statute section, but also include library references, cross-references, and very useful case annotations.  Tables volumes and softbound Index volumes are included with this set.        

The Oklahoma Statutes Annotated volumes are updated with annual "pocket parts," which are pamphlets inserted into the back of the volume in a pocket designed for that purpose.  A researcher must remember to always check the pocket part to see if the particular statute section being researched has been amended, repealed, renumbered, or changed in any way since the publication of the hardbound volume.  The publisher (West / Thomson Reuters) also supplements the Cumulative Annual Pocket Parts with Interim Update Service pamphlets.

A Popular Name Table is included in both the official Oklahoma Statutes and the Oklahoma Statutes Annotated. Located in the back of the last Index volume, the Popular Name Table allows the researcher to locate exactly where in the statutes a particular act (Environmental Quality Act, Uniform Arbitration Act, etc.) has been codified. 

HeinOnline has a historical archive of Oklahoma State Statutes here.