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Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a powerful research tool. However, using Google Scholar when off campus can present some problems when attempting to access materials that OU Libraries makes available. To make sure your Google Scholar results are useful and integrated with library subscriptions, access Google Scholar through the library website! 

Log on to the OU Libraries website, and access Google Scholar from the OU Libraries website to ensure that you are able to access all available materials.

Sooner Xpress

Sooner Xpress is an OU Libraries service that will deliver OU Library resources such as books and periodicals directly to a location convenient to you. For digital deliveries, this means emailing you directly, and for physical items, this means that we will mail them directly to you, whether you are at home or on campus. This is a totally free service for your convenience. 

Lean Library

Lean Library is a browser extension that runs in the background as you navigate the internet. As you find scholarly sources, Lean Library will link you to the OU Libraries copy of that source, ensuring that you will always have access to OU Libraries resources. Additionally, if it is a scholarly source unavailable via OU Libraries, Lean Library will link you directly to the Inter-Library Loan request form. With many more powerful features, Lean Library is a fantastic tool for conducting research off campus.

Lean Library can be downloaded by visiting the URL above. Firefox users may experience additional requirements to install; for more information, see this video explanation.  

A helpful and thorough guide containing instructional videos and a convenient handout can be obtained at