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Readings & Resources

Foundational Reading

Required: Foundational Reading

  • Tennant,  J.P., Crane, H., Crick, T., Davila, J., Enkhbayar, A., Havemann, J., Kramer, B.,...(2019). Ten myths around open scholarly publishing. PeerJ Preprints 7:e27580v1.

Optional: Foundational Reading

Resources: Foundational Reading

Economics of Publishing

Required: Economics of Publishing

  • Ellis, L. (2019). After the Elsevier ‘Tipping Point,’ Research Libraries Consider Their Options. Chronicle of Higher Education. (requires OU Libraries login).
  • Walter, P., Mullins, D. (2019). From Symbiont to Parasite: The Evolution of For-Profit Science Publishing. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 30 (20).
  • Morrison, H. (2013). Economics of scholarly communication in transitionFirst Monday, 18(6). doi.

 Optional: Economics of Publishing

 Resources: Economics of Publishing

Institutional Repositories/SHAREOK

Required: Institutional Repositories/SHAREOK

  • University of Oklahoma Libraries (2019). SHAREOK Guides. Retrieved 8/28/2019. 
  • University of Oklahoma Libraries (2020). OUShareOK. Retrieved 10/14/2020.

 Resources: Institutional Repositories/SHAREOK

Author Rights

Required: Author Rights

Resources: Author Rights

Peer Review

Required: Peer Review

Optional: Peer Review

Promotion & Tenure Considerations

Required: Promotion & Tenure Considerations

 Optional: Promotion & Tenure Considerations

Resources: Promotion & Tenure Considerations

Open Access & Scholarly Societies

Required: Open Access & Scholarly Societies

 Resources: Open Access & Scholarly Societies

Citation Advantage of Open Access

Required: Citation Advantage of OA

Optional: Citation Advantage of OA

Open Access Policies

Required: Open Access Policies

 Optional: Open Access Policies

Resources: Open Access Policies

Open Access in the Disciplines



Current Landscape

Required: Current Landscape

 Optional: Current Landscape

Member-Contributed Readings