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Research Impact Metrics

Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish is a free, downloadable software program that uses Google Scholar data to help scholars track citations to their publications to demonstrate their impact for the purposes of tenure and promotion. In addition to basic descriptive statistics (such as number of publications, number of citations, number of citations per paper, number of citations per year, and so forth), it also calculates citation metrics, including the h-index and several variations on it, such as the g-index and the e-index.


Scholarometer enables scholars to “extract their own bibliographic data from Google Scholar, curate it, annotate it, and export it to other tools or share it. More importantly, Scholarometer computes widely adopted metrics for analyzing author impact, such as the h-index and several extensions” (from “About This Add-On”). A browser add-on that works with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Scholarometer harnesses the power of crowdsourcing and allows users to tag their own and others’ bibliographic data.