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History of Science Secondary Sources by Type

Guide to Secondary Sources (by Type) in the history of science, technology & medicine

Science & Literature

Health & Medicine

In addition to books below, see the Epidemics topic page, which includes links many Ebooks.

About the Virtual Book Shelf

On this page you will find links to select Ebooks that are available online through OU Libraries.

  • Many, but not all, are available for use with unlimited number of users.
  • Some may also be available in print editions in History of Science Collections or Bizzell
  • Examples of Ebooks vendors whose books are included within Discover Local: ACLS Cambridge Univ. Press, Humanities, Ebrary, Proquest, Springer, Wiley


Ebooks NOT included on guide pages

  • Books from OPEN LIBRARY (although shown in catalog these are from external site) Be sure to search for these!
  •  HATHI books made available during the emergency closure are no longer available


For more info on searching for Ebooks see: Searching for Books using World Cat & Online Sites  

Multivolume Sets - Historiography

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias: Biographical

DSB: Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Need info about a particular scientist? A good place to start is with the DSB. See Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography (Online access)

This online edition includes materials from the original multivolume Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1970-1980), as well as the revised edition, the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography (2008).

Entries about people include:

  • basic biographical info
  • overview of work and scientific contributions
  • bibliography of original works and secondary literature

Women & Tech