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Drama and Theatre

A collection of resources owned by OU of interest to drama and theatre scholars, and some strategies for conducting research in these areas.

Finding Plays

Where are the plays in Bizzell?

It depends on the nationality and time period of the playwright, and then alphabetically. A few general areas:

Elizabethan/Jacobean such as Kyd, Jonson: PR26xx-
Shakespeare: PR28xx
Restoration and 18th century British playwrights such as Dryden, Etheridge, Wycherley, Goldsmith, Sheridan: PR 3xxx
Post-war British playwrights such as Churchill, Hare, Kane, Pinter, Stoppard: PR60xx
Americans such as Kushner, Howe, Mamet, Shepard: PS35xx
17th century French and Spanish playwrights such as Moliere, Racine, Calderón: PQ18xx
20th century French playwrights such as Genet, Sartre: PQ26xx
Spanish Golden Age: PQ6xxx
Audition pieces/monologues: PN2080

There is also a collection of acting editions of one, two, and three act plays on the main floor of Bizzell, near the lounge area. These are available for checkout. This collection was a donation and consists of older plays; newer ones are in the regular stacks. 

Finding Reviews and Announcements

To find reviews or announcements of performances, try: