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Textbook Lending

The library has textbooks for some classes available to check out. To make sure everyone has an opportunity to use them, they can be checked out for four hours at a time (a great excuse to start a study group!).

Technology Lending

A wide variety of technology is available to borrow from OU Libraries. Whether you forgot your charging cable or cord, need specialty equipment for a presentation, or could really use a laptop or calculator for a few hours, one of our locations may be able to help. There's even 3D printed bone sets you can borrow. Before going and purchasing a piece of equipment, see if you can borrow it first! Note that not every item is at Bizzell - some are at the the Fine Arts Library, for example. Each item's listing will say where to find it. 

Help @ the Computer Lab

The Loveridge Computer Lab is located on the main floor of Bizzell Memorial Library, next to the West entrance and across from the main Circulation Desk. A number of computers are available for OU students, staff, and faculty; additionally, visitors can request a guest log-in from the computer lab staff. A variety of software is available for all users. Multiple scanners and printers are also available in this lab.

Interlibrary Loan - ILL

Libraries like to help each other out. If we don't have a resource available here, often another library has it and is willing to send us a copy. This might be a book, but it could also be a a journal article, a dissertation, or even a primary source like a diary. Depending on the item and request, we might receive a pdf, scans of a set of pages, a book, or so on. 

If you've looked for an item using our catalog and can't find it, or see that we don't currently own a copy, you can request an ILL. You can visit the ILL request page and fill out the form, or, there is sometimes a shortcut button on listings in our catalog (if we no longer have an item, often the catalog listing stays up). Either way, check that the information is filled out correctly and that you have included as much information as possible to help us find the item. Items that can be transferred digitally will typically arrive in a day or less, while physical items that need to be mailed will take a little longer. 

Image of a student reading a book.