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Research Guides

The library has so many resources available - how do you know which one you need?

A great place to begin is a Research Guide. You are looking at one right now - Your Guide to the Library is a Research Guide introducing different resources that are available through the library. Most guides are more specific, and offer resources meant to help with a particular subject or class. They offer a tailored road map of the library's resources so that you can get started right away on looking for sources, rather than trying to figure out what database will have what you need. Most guides also link to the contact info for the subject librarian that created them in case you have questions. 

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Zotero is a powerful citation management tool. It allows you to save sources for later, and does much of the work of writing citations and bibliographies with just a few clicks. Once set up, it can save you time and stress when completing research papers and essays.


You can use the Discover search box to find journals, articles, books, eBooks, newspaper articles and more. Discover checks everything the library has on record. If we didn't have Discover, every time we did research we would have to search through each database one at a time. With Discover, you can search in one place to find a variety of sources. It's just like how Google searches many, many different websites at once. To make your search more accurate, you should try to using a few keywords as your search terms in Discover!

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Advanced Search Strategies Tutorial Video

More Tutorials

There are many more video tutorials than are displayed in this guide. Check out the library's tutorial page to see the full collection.