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Have an upcoming presentation? OU Libraries can help you with both planning and researching your presentation, as well as practicing deliver it. This includes preparation for presentations done over Zoom! Students, faculty, and staff are all eligible to sign up for a presentation consultation. 

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What is PowerNotes?

PowerNotes is a browser extension that allows you to annotate and highlight PDFs and webpages that are relevant to your research. With PowerNotes, you’ll be able to gather, organize, and keep track of your research all in one place!

How Does PowerNotes Work?

As you are researching online, when you have PowerNotes enabled, you are able to highlight pertinent quotes, save resources as links you can return to later, have a template outline to organize the data you are saving, as well as manage your progress as you do your research.

How to Add PowerNotes to Your Internet Browser?

The installation process is simple, go to and download the extension to your browser. You can also follow these instructions about creating an account.

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