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What's On This Page?

This page does not attempt to catalog the internet! Instead, I've listed some useful sources and directories to digital collections, etc.

Frequently Used Sites

Materials @ Other Institutions

If you want to see what archival and manuscript materials other institutions hold, try these databases:
Western (U.S.) Archives

Directories of Digital Collections

Many libraries and other institutions have digitized materials and made them available on the internet.
Some directories of these resources are listed below.

Or, try a search in Google with the phrase "digital collections" (including the quotation marks) and keywords that describe your topic.

National Archives Online Research Tools

Resources from the Western History Association

In June 2020, librarians and archivists from the Western History Association held a webinar to assist graduate students with research during the COVID pandemic. 

Polls, Data, and Stats for Historians

Contact me for questions about OU's holdings or subscriptions.