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These sites provide good overviews of what is available on the web.


Many books have been digitized and are available in databases. The Local Catalog will also list most individual titles from these databases. For more databases and tips see also the general primary sources guide for finding books.

Government & Legal Information

See also the guides to government documents and to legal information.

News, Newspapers, and Magazines

This box lists individually digitized titles as well as databases with collections of titles. Also search the Local Catalog to see if particular magazines or newspapers are available at the library. For a more complete list of newspapers see this guide.

Noted Digital Projects

This box lists examples of noted digital collections, freely available on the web.

Oral Histories

Interviews, whether audio recordings or transcriptions, can be valuable sources of information from people who lived through historical events.

Personal or Organizational Papers

The papers of organizations and individuals can be valuable sources of information. Some of these are freely available on the web; to find more try a Google search of the word "papers" and the person or organization you are researching. If papers have not been digitized you might still find a guide (finding aid) to a collection in a library that may provide insights on your topic or incentive to travel to the library.

Miscellaneous (databases with multiple formats, genres, etc.)

This category is a catch-all for databases with many different types of sources. Most are also in other boxes, above.


The library has a collection of research material on microfilm. Select titles are listed below. See this guide for more information. There are also a few newspapers on microfilm, see this guide.