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History: Primary Sources

How to locate primary resources for historical research at the University of Oklahoma Libraries.

Materials @ Other Institutions

If you want to see what archival and manuscript materials other institutions hold, try these databases:
Western (U.S.) Archives

Proxy URL

Some databases allow you to "bookmark" or "permalink" documents. If you are off campus, however, many of these links will not work, as they do not route you correctly through our servers (if at all). To correct that problem, add the following base URL text to the beginning of the "bookmark" or "permalink" URL if such text is not already present:

The modified URL will take you to the library's login screen if you are not already logged into our website, or to the bookmarked document if you are on-campus or have logged into our website.

Miscellaneous / Combination of Types of Sources

The databases in this box contain a variety of materials that may be primary sources, such as the papers of early Presidents, books and pamphlets, diaries of women in North America, maps, organizational records, government translations, and more. Many are also listed under other headings. They are categorized in the tabs above.

Also see this guide and "African-American Newspapers" at the bottom of the the "Newspapers" box.

For more information on resources for International and Area Studies, see this guide:

Also see these guides: American West (originally created for a class), Oklahoma Environmental History (originally for a class), Oklahoma History, Native American Studies, Native American Law Research.

Ancient And Medieval History

These are the major databases for finding articles and other resources about ancient and medieval history. For instructions on searching the catalog for texts of ancient sources, click here.

Video and Images

These databases cover still images and video.