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Zotero is a bibliographic management tool that allows you to gather, organize, cite, and share all types of sources. Zotero “senses” content in your web browser and allows you to save items to your library with a single click.

Setting up Zotero

  1. Download Zotero for Windows, Mac, or Linux from
  2. After installing the program, return to and install the connector for your preferred browser. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are supported
  3. If the installation is successful, you’ll see a “Save to Zotero” button when you open your browser and a Zotero menu tab in Word.
  4. If the Zotero ribbon tab is not present, manually install the Zotero Word Processor Plugin.

For more detailed instructions on using Zotero, please see this guide

Key Features

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is an application that collects, manages, and cites research sources.

  • Automatically extract citation information from websites, library catalogs, databases, and more.
  • Save PDF files, images, screenshots, and other files.
  • Enter notes and tags that can be search to build easy connections between sources.
  • Automatically create formatted bibliographies in many different styles.
  • Use Zotero with word processing programs like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.
  • Sync the citations and files you save online across multiple devices.
  • Share your saved information online with groups.
  • As an open source program, Zotero is free.

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