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Using the Zotero bibliographic management tool.

Zotero Library Tabs

Each item in your Zotero library has four tabs of content: Info, Notes, Tags, and Related. You can edit or add to this content to make your Zotero library more useful. Changes are saved automatically.

  • Info – bibliographic/citation information
  • Notes – content added by the user
  • Tags – an organizational option. Tags are usually created by the user, but may be imported automatically for some sources and types of items. You can always delete or change tags that you don’t want.
    • To remove automatic tagging, go to Zotero Preferences > General > Miscellaneous and uncheck “Automatically tag items with keywords and subject headings.” 
  • Related – connects items in the Zotero library to one another. For example, you might create a relationship to remind yourself that one article in your library cites another.

Editing Citation Info from USC Libraries