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Oil & Gas, Energy, and Natural Resources Law

This guide describes resources useful for researching Oil & Gas Law, Energy and Natural Resources Law, with particular focus on resources available in print or online at the Donald E. Pray Law Library.

Where to begin?

A good place to begin when researching an unfamiliar area of law is with secondary sources, such as books, journal articles, treatises, etc., written by experts in the particular field of law.  In addition to introducing the researcher to the terminology and legal concepts of a specific area of law, secondary sources save the researcher time by pointing out and discussing the important cases, statutes and regulations that shape and govern that area of law.

A search in the O.U. Law Library catalog for "oil and gas" items will yield over 400 titles, as will a search for "energy" items.  This guide intends to help the researcher by categorizing types of resources, and by narrowing the field to selected sources.  This particular (home) page focuses on selected books and treatises considered most helpful for researching Energy and Natural Resources Law that are available online and in print in the Law Library Collection.

Call Number ranges:    KF1806 - 1870  and KF2077-KF2140.

Oil and Gas Resources - Lexis+

Selected Books and Treatises:  Oil and Gas

Research Guides and Reference Books

Oil and Gas Resources - Westlaw Edge and West Academic

Selected Books and Treatises:  Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas - Print Resources

Selected Books and Treatises:  Oil and Gas

Oklahoma-Specific Materials


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This guide was originally created by Jennifer Gerrish who has retired.  It is now updated and maintained by the Law Library Reference Staff.