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How to Find Journals

  • See the three pages under "Find Journals" for help locating journals within Discover Local and databases, and beyond OU.
  • You can also search for journals using this Journal Search Page
  • For additional tips see Finding Journals (by History Librarian Laurie Scrivener)


NOTE: If you are researching a topic over a wide range of periodicals, your search should focus on DATABASES (See "Find Articles" section at left).

About Journals


  • Journals can be used in research as primary sources (when looking for original historical materials) or as secondary sources (when looking for recent scholarship)
  • Browsing journals by issues and/or tables of content is a good way to get familiar with their scope.



  • Journals may be available to you in print, in microform, or in digitized versions 
  • Journals may be scholarly or may be directed to a more general audience

Search using Journals Search Page

You can search for journals using the Journal Search Page on the OU Libraries web site.

EXAMPLE SEARCH (natural history)