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History of Science Searching & Research Guide

Search Tips

On this page:  what is the difference between Discover, Discover Local and Databases?

Discover Local

Search Discover Local (online catalog) to find materials held by all locations of OU Libraries:

  • print & Ebooks, journals & newspapers
  • manuscripts, archival materials
  • media, video, microforms


Ebooks available Online

Ebooks are being made newly available during COVID-19 emergency -  browse this guide: New Full Text Resources Available During Library Closure, including:

​Example of an item in Discover Local with Temporary Access:



More Ebook sites:


Search Discover for a combined search of:

  • items in Discover Local
  • content from databases (articles from journals and magazines & more)
  • content from the OU Libraries web site 


Tips on Finding Full-Text Articles


Search Databases to find article-level content of journals, newspapers, magazines, and to search collections of digitized books and archival materials. (NOTE: some databases include citations but do not full-text of articles;  if you need helping finding full-text articles see here)


Selecting Databases

Databases vary wildly in coverage snd scope. To select databases appropriate for your research needs, learn more here:

  • Database & EReference A-Z  This list includes info on each database (with info about the scope of the database: does it include one or many subjects? current or historical content? popular or scholarly materials? Here is an example: Historical Abstracts


  • Another way to identify databases relevant to particular subject areas is to browse OU Libraries Research Guides