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History of Science Searching & Research Guide

Research & Writing Help

This page provides links for help with study, research and writing in History of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Getting Started with Research in History of Science

1. Understanding Your Assignment

  • Review the Assignment.
  • Make sure you understand what is required.
  • Talk to faculty/graduate assistants if something is not clear. For example, does the assignment require or exclude certain types of sources?


2. Selecting Topics and Beginning Research

  • Review class notes and readings for leads into topics.
  • Use existing class materials as a starting point to identify appropriate sources (for example: look at the bibliographies at the end of articles and chapters of books).
  • Browse reference works like biographical and topical encyclopedias.
  • Use the library's online subject guides to find materials and get searching tips.


3. Researching Your Topic

  • Use Reference Works, Introductory texts as well as Topical Research Guides to familiarize yourself with the scope of the field and state of current research
  • Search the online catalog (Discover Local) for books and resources available digitally or in print
  • Search databases for article-level content.


The Literature Review

History of Science Research Help

Need help?

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Undergraduate Research Support

If you need help with your academic work or want to learn more about opportunties for research at OU, you can find the people and resources to assist you at the following campus sites:

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