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About the Browsable Reference Collection


  • Books listed on this page are available for browsing anywhere on the 5th floor except the Teahouse
  • The 5th floor is open 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday 
  • Books can also be read in the Roller Reading Room. If you do this, you will need to Register at the Research Desk and follow Reading Room Procedures (fill out registration form, show ID, leave bags, pens in lockers; no food/drink)
  • You can request copies from books in the Browsing Collection at the Research Desk.


  • Please do not reshelve books
  • Drinks are okay on the floor, but food is only permitted in Teahouse.


Book in the Browsable Reference Collection in the 5th floor Reading Nook are shelved by LOC Library of Congress call numbers. On this page, the books are organized in thematic categories as follows:

  • Art Books, Atlases, Chronologies & Timelines
  • Bibliographies - Specific Aurhors & Texts
  • Bibliographies - Garland Series
  • Bibliographies - Persons, Places, Topics
  • Catalogs - Specific Collections & Libraries
  • Companions, Guides & Handbooks for Research - Overviews
  • Companions, Guides & Handbooks for Research - Disciplines & Topics
  • Companions, Guides & Handbooks for Research - Periods, Places & Cultures
  • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Biographical
  • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Concepts & Terms
  • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Disciplines  
  • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Periods, Places & Cultures
  • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Topics
  • Featured Items 
  • Methods & Research Tools
  • Sourcebooks & Readers - History of Science Series  
  • Sourcebooks & Readers - Primary Sources
  • Sourcebooks & Readers - Secondary Sources
  • Surveys & Textbooks
  • Very Short Introductions Series

Art Books, Atlases, Chronologies & Timelines

Bibliographies - Garland Series

Bibliographies - Persons, Places, Topics

Companions, Guides & Handbooks for Research - Disciplines & Topics

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Biographical


Need info about a particular scientist? A good place to start is with the DSB: Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1970-1980). Entries include:

  • basic biographical info
  • overview of life and scientific contributions
  • bibliography of original works and secondary literature

You can access content of the DSB online in Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography (Online access), which includes materials from the original DSBas well as the revised edition, the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography (2008).

Concise Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1981) is an abridged edition of the original multivolume set.


Disciplines, People, Periods, Places & Topics

Sourcebooks & Readers - Primary Sources

Very Short Introduction Series

Mary Anning Exhibit Books